Sleep Disorders Frequently Asked Questions

How much sleep is necessary?

How can I sleep better?

Where did the idea that we need 8 hours of sleep come from?

What commonly causes excessive daytime sleepiness in adolescents?

What are the main symptoms of narcolepsy?

What causes REM-Behaviour Disorder?

Does alcohol affect sleep?

What is REM-Behaviour Disorder?

How is narcolepsy diagnosed?

Do I have a sleep disorder?

What are the symptoms of a sleep disorder?

How does menstruation affect sleep?

How is fibromyalgia treated?

What is the purpose of sleep?

What other conditions are commonly associated with fibromyalgia?

What are the effects of central sleep apnea?

Do narcoleptics have problems getting insurance?

What happens during paradoxical (REM) sleep?

What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Should a child be permitted to sleep with the parents?

What are the benefits of sleeping on a waterbed?

Does sleep have a restorative function?

What causes fibromyalgia?

What is central sleep apnea?

What is periodic limb movements?

What are the general effects of sleep apnea?

How does menopause affect sleep?

Does sleep loss affect our immune system?

What group of people are most sleep-deprived?

What is obstructive sleep apnea?

Should I keep my narcolepsy a secret from my employer?

Is a narcoleptic handicapped?

How many nightly apneic episodes will a person with sleep apnea have?

How does pregnancy affect sleep?

What happens to the brain during orthodox (Non-REM) sleep?

Can I stop snoring without expensive surgery?

What are the physiological effects of sleep apnea?

How can I get my child to go to bed?

What are the effects of fibromyalgia?

What is night terrors?

What is sleep apnea?

What is insomnia?

What is narcolepsy?

What is hypersomnia?

Is there more than one type of hypersomnia?

Why am I excessively sleepy?

How can I treat hypersomnia?

What is the difference between hypersomnia and narcolepsy?

What is Kleine-Levin Syndrome?

What are Americans missing due to excessive sleepiness?

Is excessive sleep linked to depression or bipolar disorder?

Should I be napping during the day?

What are parasomnias?

What are some common types of sleep disorders?

Are those who suffer from dementia more prone to sleep disorders?

Why do the elderly have problems sleeping?

How does ethnicity effect the prevalence of sleep disorders?

What are the differences between sleep disorders in men and women?

What is my Circadian rhythm?

If I'm having trouble sleeping, what do you suggest doing?

How much sleep do I need if I'm a healthy adult?

How can I keep my Circadian Rhythm in Check?

What are some other narcolepsy symptoms that can occur?

How can I keep safe at the wheel if I'm drowsy?

What are some unknown facts about narcolepsy?

What can I do at home to help my narcolepsy?

What is a good medication to take for narcolepsy?

Can I pass narcolepsy on to my children?

How does one test for narcolepsy?

What diseases can cause narcolepsy?

Is there a device that can help me stay awake when I drive?

How can I treat chronic insomnia?

Can I use holistic remedies for insomnia?

How frequent is insomnia in pregnancy?

What causes insomnia in menopausal women?

Is all insomnia the same?

How can cognitive behavioral therapy help my insomnia?

What kind of insomnia medications are there on the market?

If I'm stressed out, can I get insomnia

What is fatal familial insomnia?

What are some of the symptoms of sleep apnea?

What causes child sleep apnea?

How does a sleep apnea mask work?

What type of surgeries are there for sleep apnea?

What type of test can be done to diagnose sleep apnea?

Are certain ethnicities more at risk for sleep apnea?

What is Pickwickian Syndrome?

What actually causes snoring?

Can I buy a product to keep me from snoring?

What is restless leg syndrome?

What is a common side effect of restless leg syndrome?

What causes restless leg syndrome?

How can I treat RLS without medicine?

What mediciations can I take for my Restless Leg Syndrome?

Where can I find restless leg syndrome support?

How can I better live with restless leg syndrome?

Is there a cure for restless leg syndrome?

What research is being done for RLS?

Are nocturnal leg cramps an indication of restless leg syndrome?

How can I treat my sleep disorder with lifestyle/behavioral treatments?

Can I help fight insomnia just by changing my thinking?

What should I know before taking sleep disorder medication?

How do I use my CPAP mask properly?

What are the rules of a sleep center?

What is the cost of treatment at a sleep center?

What is an oral appliance?

What are some herbal remedies for sleep disorders?

What are some treatments for night terrors?

What does the half-life of a medication mean?

Are teenagers getting enough sleep?

What happens when a child has a night terror?

How can I help my child get to sleep?

What is the difference between a nightmare and a night terror?

How can I keep my sleewalking child safe?

Is there a link between night terrors and bedwetting in children?

What is separation anxiety in children?

How can a sleepwalking child be treated?

What causes nightmares in children?

What time should I send my child to bed?

What is sleep-wake reversal?

What is a sleep-wake change?

When is it best to nap so that I don't destroy my nighttime sleep?

What can cause sleep-wake reversal in kids?

Do we have sleep personalities?

What should I record in my sleep diary?

Can we really catch up on sleep during the weekend?

What are common circadian rhythm disorders?

What is the newest findings in sleep gene research?

What is familial advanced sleep phase syndrome?

How are the stages of the sleep cycle different?

How much sleep do I need per night?

What is a sleep debt?

How can I cope with a snoring bed partner?

Does exercise help one sleep?

What type of pain might keep me from sleeping?

What is GERD and how can I fight it?

What is a nocturnal panic attack?

Can lack of sleep contribute to my weight gain?

How does my sleep change when I get older?

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