Self Treatments for Hypersomnia

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How can I treat hypersomnia?

Self Treatments for Hypersomnia

In some cases, you can help yourself with your hypersomnia by making some simple changes in your lifestyle. Always check with your doctor first, but here are some tips from the

- Changes in behavior (for example avoiding night work and social activities that delay bed time) and diet may offer some relief. Patients should avoid alcohol and caffeine.
- Go to bed at a set time each night and get up at the same time each morning.
- Try to exercise 20 to 30 minutes a day.
- Daily exercise often helps people sleep, although a workout soon before bedtime may interfere with sleep. For maximum benefit, try to get your exercise about four to five hours before going to bed.
- Smokers tend to sleep very lightly and often wake up in the early morning due to nicotine withdrawal. Alcohol robs people of deep sleep and REM sleep and keeps them in the lighter stages of sleep.
- A warm bath, reading, or another relaxing routine can make it easier to fall sleep. Sleep until sunlight.
- Maintain a comfortable temperature in the bedroom. Extreme temperatures may disrupt sleep or prevent you from falling asleep.
- If you have trouble falling asleep night after night, or if you always feel tired the next day, then you should see a physician.



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