Sleepy Americans Missing Work, Sex

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What are Americans missing due to excessive sleepiness?

Sleepy Americans Missing Work, Sex

According to the National Sleep Foundation's 2005 Sleep in America poll, poor sleep, excessive sleepiness and lack of sleep cause disruptions in nearly every facet of one's life.

Here is what the foundation found:

- Sixty percent of adults licensed to drive say they have driven drowsy in the past year, an increase over recent years. Of those, 4 percent have had an accident or near accident because they were too tired or actually dozed off while driving.

- Sleep-related issues are cited as the most common reason people are late for work. Almost three in 10 working adults say they have missed work, events/activities or made errors at work because of sleep-related issues in the past three months

- For partnered adults, sleep problems are extra disruptive, as one partner's sleep problem can cause the other to lose, on average, nearly an hour of sleep a night.

- One or both partners are often too sleepy for sex, and many couples sleep apart because of a sleep problem.

If you think a sleep disorder is effecting your daily work, family and sex life, talk to a doctor.



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