Excessive Sleep is Found in Bipolar Disorder Depression

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Is excessive sleep linked to depression or bipolar disorder?

Excessive Sleep is Found in Bipolar Disorder Depression

Excessive sleep is a symptom of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder, or manic-depression, is characterized by moods that swing between two opposite poles - periods of mania and episodes of depression. Excessive sleep is also a symptom of major depression. So if you are experiencing excessive sleep, talk to your physician about both of these possibilities.

Here is a list of the symptoms of bipolar disorder depression:

- Sad mood
- Fatigue or loss of energy
- Sleep problems (insomnia, excessive sleeping, or shallow sleep with frequent awakenings)
- Appetite changes (either an increase or decrease)
- Diminished ability to concentrate or make decisions
- Agitation or markedly sedentary behavior.
- Feelings of guilt, pessimism, helplessness, or low self-esteem
- Loss of interest or pleasure in life
- Thoughts of, or attempts at, suicide



10/10/2011 8:42:08 PM
pam said:

hola yo tengo 33 años y he sufrido de todos estos sintomas desde pequeña,me han diagnosticado distintos tipos de depresion y los remedios hasta ahora no han hecho efecto según lo que yo veo.en este moemento me encuentro tomando litio y clonazepan, pero siento que solo el clonazepan me ayuda a disminuir los ataques de pánico, ahora del litio no siento mejoria de la angustia y el pesismismo que siento aveces. puede que este equivocado mi diagnostico??? alguna sugerencia. gracias


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