Five Common Types of Sleeping Disorders

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What are some common types of sleep disorders?

Five Common Types of Sleeping Disorders

There are many different types of sleeping disorders. Here are descriptions of five common ones:

1. Nightmare Disorder: Nightmares are frightening dreams that occur during REM sleep. During these, the heart rate usually increases, the breathing rate increases and the child experiences profuse sweating.

2. Sleep Terror Disorder: Extreme panic and a sudden, loud, terrified scream during sleep, followed by physical activities such as hitting objects or moving in and out of the bedroom. Persons with this disorder can injure themselves. The person often remembers either nothing or just parts of these dreams.

3. Sleepwalking Disorder: A person is performing acts in their sleep, usually with their eyes open. Acts can include wandering aimlessly, carrying objects without any purpose, going outdoors, even driving. They may mumble. However, it is usually impossible to communicate with a sleepwalker.

4. REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: Sufferer has dream-enacting behaviors that include talking, yelling, punching, kicking, sitting, jumping out of bed, arm flailing, and grabbing. People act out distinctly altered dreams that are vivid, intense, action-packed, and violent.

5. Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD): The primary symptom of RLS is insomnia (inability to sleep), whereas PLMD is known to make one extremely sleepy during the day. About 80 percent of those with RLS also have PLMD or involuntary leg twitching or jerking movements during sleep that can occur every 20-30 seconds.



11/10/2008 10:27:25 AM
carin said:

i always had problems with my sleep,i cant wake up each morning for school couse i feel so sleeepy,even if i go to bed early. my parents tells me that am lazy...i dont know sleep controls me?

11/10/2008 10:28:58 AM
carin said:

i always had problems with my sleep,i cant wake up each morning for school couse i feel so sleeepy,even if i go to bed early. my parents tells me that am lazy...i dont know why sleep controls me?

12/13/2008 5:13:36 PM
Mike said:

I'm doing a research paper about sleeping disorders and this information really came in handy..

5/29/2009 5:44:52 AM
JAMES said:

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9/21/2011 3:58:49 PM
Dylan said:

hi im trying to find out what sleeping disorder i have but i cant find it i black out and fall asleep without nowing it plus my head hurts and i cant remember anything


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