Sleep Problems and Ethnicities

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How does ethnicity effect the prevalence of sleep disorders?

Sleep Problems and Ethnicities

Research has found that ethnicity can be a factor in sleep problems. According to the Center for Sleep Disorders Research and the National Institute of Health research:

- Young African Americans are twice as prone to Sleep-Disordered Breathing (SDB) than young Caucasians.

- Frequent snoring is more common among African American and Hispanic women and men compared to non-Hispanic Caucasians, independent of other factors including obesity.

- Researchers have found that sleep problems and poor mood are related to ethnicity.

- Sleep disordered breathing was a factor in the curtailed sleep of minority women.

- Hispanic and African-American women slept less than European-American women, according to both objective recordings and their own sleep logs.

- Non- Hispanic women were much more depressed.

Hispanic, African-American and Native-American women experienced longer but more disturbed sleep, and more depression.



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