The Psychological Factors that Can Bring on Insomnia

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If I'm stressed out, can I get insomnia

The Psychological Factors that Can Bring on Insomnia

Who is more likely to get insomnia? You? Your best friend? Your brother or sister? Sometimes one's mental state can mean they are more likely to have insomnia.

There are two mental indicators that might act as flags to show you are a candidate for insomnia - exposure to stress and increased mental and physical activity before bedtime, according to the American Insomnia Association:

- Persistent stress: Relationship problems, a chronically ill child, or an unrewarding career may contribute to sleep problems. If you suffer from these types of stresses, you should seek counseling.

- Learned insomnia: You may try harder to sleep at night, but unfortunately this determined effort can make you more alert, set off a new round of worried thoughts, and cause more sleep loss. Some individuals with learned insomnia have trouble sleeping in their own beds yet may fall asleep quickly when they don't intend to - while reading the newspaper, sleeping away from home, or watching TV. Just a few nights of poor sleep during a month can be enough to produce a cycle of poor sleep and increase your worry about it.



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