How Best to Live with RLS

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How can I better live with restless leg syndrome?

How Best to Live with RLS

Once you've been diagnosed with RLS, you'll want to do some research to find out how best to live with RLS. Here are some tips from the Restless Leg Syndrome Foundation for how best to live with RLS:

- Talk about it. Share stories and concerns with family, friends and support groups
- Don't fight it. Don't suppress the urge to move. Get out of bed and find an activity that takes your mind off it
- Keep a sleep diary. Keep track of your medications, strategies for coping and share them with your doctor. If you can't sit still to write, dictate into a tape recorder
- Rise to new levels. You may be more comfortable if you elevate your desktop to a height that will let you stand
- Stretch out your day. Begin and end your day with stretching or gentle massage.



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