What to Consider Before Taking Sleep Disorder Medication

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What should I know before taking sleep disorder medication?

What to Consider Before Taking Sleep Disorder Medication

We all know enough to read the labels of the drugs we take and be aware of any side effects. However, there are other factors to consider before taking sleep disorder medication. Here are some guidelines from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Before taking that pill, consider the following:

-- Read carefully the package insert and all information provided by your physician and pharmacist for your sleep medication. This information will help guide you in the safe use of the medication.

-- Especially read the package insert and all information to learn the side effects of the medication.

-- Adhere strictly to the indicated use of your sleep medication. Do not take it for purposes other than to sleep.

-- Follow the prescription carefully and do not take more than the dosage your doctor prescribes.

-- Allow time for a full night of sleep when using sleep medication to avoid morning or daytime drowsiness.

-- Avoid combining sleep medication with alcohol.

-- Ask your doctor any questions you have about the intended use, dosage and side effects. Communication with your physician will help ensure safe use of the medication.

-- Inform your doctor right away of any problems you have while taking a sleep medication.

-- Make your doctor aware of any other medications, prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines that you use. Mixing medications may cause adverse effects.

-- Make your doctor aware of other medical conditions, including other sleep disorders, you may have. Sleep medications can be dangerous when treating sleep disruption that may arise from another disorder.



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