The Link Between Night Terrors and Bedwetting

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Is there a link between night terrors and bedwetting in children?

The Link Between Night Terrors and Bedwetting

Some experts claim there seems to be a link between night terrors in a child and bedwetting.

For some, night terrors in a child seem to happen right around the time they are trying to control their bladders while they sleep. For some of these children, simply going to the bathroom to empty their bladders may help control the terrors. Some of them are not yet able to wake up fully when their bladders are full.

Some experts have recommended that parents take children with night terror symptoms to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The child may not recognize his or her parent or caregiver in the confusion of the terror, but there's been incidences when he or she does recognize the toilet and know what to do. And after emptying the bladder, the child goes back to sleep.



1/21/2012 11:19:12 AM
ashley said:

yes this sometimes hapens to me


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