The "funny legs"

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The "funny legs"

I, as well as Millions of Americans suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Since I was a young child, I would cry with my legs as they kept me up most of the night. I would tell my mother that I had “the funny legs" and she would give me an Aspirin for what she thought was leg pain. The aspirin would just make it worse. I suffered without understanding, as my legs would feel as if something was crawling, burning, digging and moving deep inside my legs. The sensation would come on late in the evening and I would not be able to sit and watch a movie or read before bed time. Walking or moving my legs seemed to help so I would jump rope only to have the sensation return as soon as I stopped jumping. Sleep time was not a fun time as a child.

RLS was intermittent in my early years but it became an uninvited guest every night about ten years ago. Two years ago, my daughter who is a Family Practice Physician introduced me to Requip and it helped me. Requip is the first FDA approved medication for the treatment of RLS. Requip has helped but not cured my RLS. Continued research is necessary to understand and control this very disruptive Syndrome. Ask your doctor about RLS and Requip today.



7/16/2009 12:27:57 AM
angel_kissssssss2002 said:

My husband has rls and we both go crazy at night from lack of sleep. His doctor had him on requip and he was very groggy and fuzzy headed in the morning. Since then, we are back to square one. Does anyone else know what to do?


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