Wake up and Breath!

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Wake up and Breath!

Sleep Apnea can cause excessive daytime sleepiness. When a person goes to sleep and relaxes sometimes the tissue in the throat also relaxes to the point that it blocks the airway. As the airway, starts to block snoring may begin. When the airway is totally blocked, there is a silence and the chest or the abdominal may not move. The silence is called Apnea and the longer the silence the more dangerous the Apnea. Finally, the brain will take over and cause the person to arouse with a deep gasp or snort to clear the airway. If we did not arouse and the silence continued, death would occur from lack of oxygen because your airway is blocked and you are not breathing.

These many arousals during the night do not let your body rest and they deprive it of much needed oxygen. This deprivation can cause excessive daytime sleepiness, Hypertension, and Heart palpitations.



7/4/2009 12:33:02 AM
Shelley said:

Can waterbeds contribute to this problem. I have been sleeping on a waterbed for approx 18 months, and this problem has developed since. Is it concidence? I have always snored, but never had apnea episodes until the waterbed. I have never felt the degree of exhaustion and despair since I started sleeping in a waterbed. Am I crazy?


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