A Night in the Sleep Center

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A Night in the Sleep Center

You have a Sleep Study or Polysomnogram scheduled so it will require an overnight study in the Sleep Lab to diagnose Sleep Apnea. Your primary doctor should have already completed a history and physical on you in the office and sent that information on to the Sleep Lab to have on hand at your night study.

A Sleep Technician or Sleep Lab Coordinator should call you with detailed instructions on what to bring to the lab and what you should expect from your overnight study. If the lab does not call, you call them.

Normally you should bring your medications, your medical history, and sleepwear with a button open to the front, your pillow if needed, toiletries, reading material if needed, and cloths for the next day. You do not need to bring anyone with you because there is not room for him or her to stay.

Once at the Sleep Lab you will be, ask to fill out a questionnaire, and get dressed for bed. Most Sleep Labs nowadays look like a hotel room. The Sleep Technician will attach electrodes to your head, face, and legs. The electrodes attach with a water-soluble paste. There are no needles involved and no need to be anxious. Your brain activity (EEG), Muscle (EMG), Rapid Eye Movement(REM) will be recording onto a special sleep computer during the night. A small recorder is attach like an oxygen tube to your nose and records air movement from the nose and mouth. Effort belts attached to the chest and abdominal and record respiratory effort throughout the night. After you are ready for bed the technician will turn lights out and monitoring for the night will begin.

When you wake in the morning, the technician will get your settings, vital signs and unhook the wires. You may shower and you are free to go



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