Parasomnia's Go Bump in the Night

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Parasomnia's Go Bump in the Night

A Parasomnia can be a number of sleep disorders that keep one from getting a normal sleep. A few of the most common parasomnias are Sleep Walking, Sleep Terrors, and Gritting of the teeth.
Sleep Walking occurs when one gets up during sleep and walks around. This can be very dangerous if a person leaves the house. Their have been cases in which people walked out into busy streets and were killed by oncoming traffic.

Sleep terrors or screaming occurs during sleep and can disrupt the whole house. As a person sits up in bed, screaming and trashing about they are normally not aware of the situation. A person having a sleep terror is hard to arouse from sleep and is confused if woke.

Teeth Gritting is also a Parssomina called Bruxism. Bruxism is damage or wear to the teeth caused by gritting of the teeth during sleep. Symptoms can include jaw discomfort, fatigue, pain, and headaches.



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