Easy Way to Stop Snoring

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Easy Way to Stop Snoring

Snoring patients need a way to stay off their back when sleeping because as we relax on our backs the tissue in the throat falls more easily across the airway. A great help for staying off the back during sleep is to wear a tennis ball shirt.

When I first started working in the sleep lab, we ordered tennis ball shirts for all of our snoring patients. The shirt is a normal tee shirt with a pocket in the center of the back to hold a regular tennis ball. The idea is that the tennis ball will remind the patient to roll back to the side instead sleeping on their back.

I also have heard of Sleep Labs that put three pockets for tennis balls across the back for maximum coverage. If you do not have access to a tennis ball shirt then safety pin a sock filled with rolled socks to the back of the your tee shirt and happy sleeping.



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