Do YOU Have A Sleep Disorder?

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Do I have a sleep disorder?

Do YOU Have A Sleep Disorder?

If any of the following sounds familiar to you, you MAY have a sleep/wake disorder. Ask your family doctor for a referral to a specialist where you will be able to receive a professional diagnosis.

1. Do you have trouble sleeping, staying awake, or suffer from early morning headaches?
2. Does your spouse/family complain about your loud snoring at night?
3. Have you lost a job because you can't get to work on time, or can't stay awake during the day?
4. Do you fall asleep in class or have difficulty concentrating?
5. Is your social calendar empty because you are just too tired to participate?
6. Have friends, teachers, or co-workers labelled you as disinterested, inattentive, or unmotivated?
7. Have you become wary of driving because you doze off at the wheel?
8. Do you lose muscle control - perhaps even collapse - when you laugh, get angry, or show other strong emotions?
9. Have you been delegated to the couch because you have a tendency to act out your dreams?
10. Do you ever get a crawling sensation in your legs?
11. Are your bedclothes in disarray each morning, even though you believe you've had a restful sleep?
12. Are you a shiftworker who wants to sleep when you can't, and then can't when you should?
13. Are you often depressed because you don't have the energy to complete an everyday routine?
14. Does your family think you have lost interest in them?



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