Tips for Combating Lack of Sleep

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If I'm having trouble sleeping, what do you suggest doing?

Tips for Combating Lack of Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Here are some tips for finally getting to sleep during those sleepless nights. Of course, if your insomnia is lengthy, you should talk to your physician to rule out one of many sleep disorders as the culprit.

- Sleep as much as you need but not more. Too much sleep is not good for you either. Sleep enough to feel refreshed.
- Make sure the bedroom is quiet and dark.
- Exercise in the late afternoon but not too late at night. Too much activity late can make it difficult to get to sleep because you are too stimulated.
- Don't worry about problems when you go to bed. Just tell yourself you will be better equipped to solve problems when you have had a good nights sleep.
- If you can't sleep, get up and read or have a light snack until you feel tired.
- Try to get up at about the same time every day no matter what time you went to bed the night before. This helps establish a sleep/wake cycle and will eventually help you feel sleepy at the same time each night.
- Keep the room temperature comfortable - not too cold or too hot (65 F is recommended).
- Don't go to bed until you feel tired. If it's your bedtime but you're not tired, read or engage yourself in some other light activity until you feel sleepy.
- Avoid napping during the day because you will be less sleepy when it time to go to bed.
- Caffeine is a stimulate that will likely cause a disturbance in your sleep pattern.
- Alcohol may help you to fall asleep but it is not a quality sleep.
- Smoking affects your sleep as it uses up oxygen in the blood and affects your quality of sleep. Your body needs enough oxygen to get a good sound sleep.
- A light snack can help sleep but a heavy meal will not.



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