How to Keep a Sleep Diary

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What should I record in my sleep diary?

How to Keep a Sleep Diary

A sleep diary, similar to a food diary, can help you keep track of when and how you are sleeping so you can pinpoint patterns and problems. Many sleep doctors recommend keeping one. Here are some guidelines for keeping your own sleep diary.

Here is what you should record in your sleep diary:
- The time you went to bed and woke up
- Your total sleep hours
- The overall quality of your sleep
- The times you were awake during the night and what you did (did you stay in bed, get up, get a glass of milk, meditate?)
- The amount of caffeine or alcohol you consumed and the times of consumption
- The types of food and drink and the times of consumption
- Your feelings (happiness, sadness, stress, anxiety)
- Drugs or medications taken and the amounts taken and times of consumption



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